Hello and welcome to Binary Guilt Translation Manager, a translation management system aimed to handle the translations of our apps Complete Ear Trainer, Complete Rhythm Trainer and Complete Music Reading Trainer.

We use this community-powered application to translate our apps in as many languages as possible, with your help!

First and foremost, thank you so much for considering helping translate the applications and thus allowing them to reach a wider audience. Whatever help you can offer, whatever time you have, we are immensely grateful for it.

We developed this translation manager from scratch and tried to make it as cozy and functional as possible. We hope your experience with it will be a pleasant one.

If you have any questions (including discussing a possible compensation), please email us at

Complete Ear Trainer

The ultimate ear training app for musicians.
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Complete Rhythm Trainer

The ultimate rhythm training app for musicians.
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Complete Music Reading Trainer

The ultimate music reading training app.
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